Yes, in an epic update, now we can spread one link everywhere… and be awarded. What’s the link?

Free Games at ROBLOX. Check out what I have been building lately!

By spreading the infection of the addiction, we earn a rate of 2 tickets a day/1 link. That means that with the max of 50 links (1 per domain), you’ll be making 110 a day, making 770 a week, plus everything else. Get rich quick? I think so. It was kicked off with a gift in the balance, with an AWESOME hat inside it. Unfortunately, I missed it, but hey, better late than never.
And I prefer Fedoras and that Gold Top Hat.



The NEW Brick Bulletin Contest

As TimShadow has previously said, we’re on a slight halt as you could call it. My idea to get us out of it was scrapped, so instead I’m going to manage everything indivually until… probably around summer, since I’m the only one on the team not in Middle school, so all of my major testing is over, but noone else has finished. Until then, I’ll be putting my money to good use. There are no new hats, so…


07 was like the 80s of ROBLOX. Such a great time. I came in during the 07 midway, same day as the birth of my baby brother, but enough about me, onto some tips that you can use, along with the rules.

1:No, that complex roller coaster you built is NOT 07. 07 was a time when a ride can be just a little river thingie going around the edge of the base plate with a hill halfway through was enough to make us talk with caps lock.

2:It can just be a warehouse with cars in and out of it and you have a small chance to win. If I can blow it all up with a multi bomb, your winning chance is much higher.

3:ZOMBIES WERE NOT A CLICHE. 07 was when a small town raided with zombies and a way to fight back was fun to play. Make it well built, however.

With those, you can make anything. I will handpick the winner, give them 1500 Tickets, or, if they lack builders club, a review of the place that nets it a quite of a high place on the charts. Top 3, with Crossroads and Mini Robloxia. Of course, there’s rules.

1:THIS CONTEST IS OPEN TO 07 MEMBERS ONLY. If an 08/09 Member can proove that they have possession of an old 07 account In ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM (Pictures, the People Search, Or even a place with an ID before a certain number) will be allowed into the contest.

2:NO COMPLAINING. 08/09 members might have a contest soon. If I didn’t pick you, the place wasn’t 07 enough or fun enough.

3:*ROBLOX Rules Here* Oh, and all text pertaining to the game (Game Name, Description, and any ingame text) MUST have good grammar or it will be disqualified.

4:SINCE MOST OF YOU AREN’T 07 USERS, EACH ONE GETS 3 ENTRIES. 3 chances to win? Sweet! Make sure that the places are ALL different though, or else all 3 will be disqualified.

Deadline:May 10. Now get out there and show me what you can do, 07 users.

Stickmasterluke’s Insta-Gib Fight In The Fog! A Place Review By Timshadow

Welcome back to the Brick Bulletin! We’re undergoing many difficulties with school and many other reasons. The Brick-Bulletin is at a “Halt” you could call it, but I’m going to put it back in shape. ūüėČ

Today, I will be reviewing Stickmasterluke’s “Insta-Gib Fight In The Fog!” That’s right! Another Stickmasterluke place!

Stickmasterluke's Insta-Gib Fight In The Fog!

Stickmasterluke's Insta-Gib Fight In The Fog!

In this game, you basically get what we would call an “Insta-Gib”. This weapon is a laser projectile that fires lasers out of its barrel. When you fire at someone’s head, it makes a noise that is from the game series “Unreal Tournament” and it echos “HEADSHOT!” throughout the place. You get a point for each kill you make. Those KO’s add to your KO’s, which is why it’s so fun! You basically shoot everyone you can to gain a lot of points. It’s good to hang out there with tons of friends and try to see who’s best! It has what you may call a “Jukebox” and it plays songs while you’re fighting everyone. It has about 7 songs and they are all cool and motivational! They will get your blood pumping so it’s easier to fight. There are many structures you can go to in this game that you can use to your advantage by hiding in them, sniping, or even sneaking up on someone and then shooting them!

There are many other features, I will name some more…

You can say “/create team/NAME HERE” to create a team. Change “NAME HERE” to whatever you want your team to be called. You could even replace it with a brick color so that it matches the color you want! Say “/name team/NAME HERE” to name the team. Change “NAME HERE” to whatever you want it to be named of course. You could also invite people to your team by saying “/invite/NAME HERE”. Of course, change “NAME HERE” to the name of the person you wish to invite. Finally, say “/leave” to leave the team you’re on. If you’re alone on one team and leave, that team gets removed, so be choicy with your teams!

That’s all of the basic features of this game, the game is EXTREMELY fun and can be challenging depending on who you’re facing against! I find it VERY fun. Enjoy!

If you would like to play this game, click the link below…

Stickmasterluke’s Insta-Gib Fight In The Fog!



Trench Warfare By Stickmasterluke! [A Place Review By Timshadow]

Hello! Today, we will be looking at Stickmasterluke again! I will be reviewing his “Trench Warfare” today! Anyways…

Trench Warfare!

Trench Warfare!

This is most likely MY FAVORITE Stickmasterluke game so far! It’s realistic with how soldiers fought in Trenches in World War 1 And World War 2! (Except for the ROBLOXians of course] This game has MANY cool features. One of them involves you being able to choose what class you want at the beginning! You can choose “Gunner”, “Digger”, “Medic”, or “Engineer”. I will list the classes and show how each different class is eccentric!

Gunner: In the “Gunner” class, you are able to choose to wield an AK-47, but Oh Noes! It only has 25 Bullets! After you run out of bullets, you will reload it. (It happens automatically) It takes about 30 seconds to reload, so take cover in the trenches while it’s reloading! You also have another weapon, ‘The Dagger’. This weapon is used for ONLY Close-Combat. Use it when you’re close enough to the enemy so you jump at them and attack them repeatedly! (Usually a fast and swift kill) Use the gunner to bombard the enemies base and kill every single enemy you can find! Use the gunner as well to protect allies digging, shooting others, making mortars, etc. The Soldier is good if there are actually trenches on the ground.

Digger: The digger is usually used for digging so that the trenches are dug! I recommend only digging if a gunner is protecting you, because the enemy could easily kill you if they are a gunner. You have to click 9 times on the object you would like to dig. (Yes, I counted in-game) The weapons are as followed: The “Pistol” which only has 10 shots and it takes forever to shoot, The “Grenade” which you use to throw if any other enemies are coming, just launch it at their direction and KA-POW! They’re most likely dead, and finally, “The Shovel”. You use the shovel to dig of course and to try to build trenches for other players!

Medic: The Medic has only a Pistol and Medpacs. The pistol is used just in case if there is someone close by and if it’s an emergency. It has 10 Bullets as well and sucks with the amount of time to shoot and reload. The medpacs are kind of obvious for what they are for. They are used to heal other players. I recommend there should be a medic that is close by if you are a gunner, so that you could easily kill the other team. ūüėČ

Engineer: Now, this class, is probably one of my favorites other than the Gunner. This class has a pistol which still, has 10 bullets and sucks at shooting and reloading. The plyers are a major tool. This tool builds mortars for you to shoot bombs at the other base. You have to click repeatedly on the Mortar site for you to build it. Another tool is the Dynamite tool. This is used if you want to drop it on the ground, so when an enemy comes close by, KA-BOOM! They explode. Finally, the last tool is the “Land Mine”. This is used so that you drop it at a certain point and if an enemy steps on it, they explode and die.

Of course, all of the classes have the “Reset” tool which kills you if you want to change class, if you’re stuck, etc.

Well, that’s it for today! This is an extended review to make up for all the time I’ve been gone! Thanks Everyone!




If you would like to visit the place, click the link below:

StickMasterLuke’s Trench Warfare!

MrNicNac’s Diamond Tycoon

Diamond Tycoon!

Diamond Tycoon!

As of the time I wrote and published this, the place was updated. However, they were all minor updates, and do not effect the place rating.

Well, today I stop differentiating from the norm and I start reviewing the place as a whole. I find it easier to make witty jokes and comments at random points this way, so let’s have a go, shall we? OK, so this is a guy’s First Tycoon. It centers around a small, walled off conveyer belt. You know, I always love tycoons always have a fence. I mean, it’s helpful, but can get annoying. THEY’RE HIDING BEHIND THEIR BROWN FENCES! THEY’RE HIDING BEHIND THEIR BROWN FENCES! ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! So anyway, onto the Gameplay OH GOD I’M BECOMING OLD ME. You know what, let’s just do that.


YAY for tycoons. Or maybe NAY. Really, depending on your join date, this can be boring. And DEFINITELY old. OK, time for ROBLOX History. In Mid¬†January ’08, there was a place. It was a concept made by a new, promising user. His name? Uberubert. He got rich with his places. Of course, you should already be able to conceive what our Uberubert has made. Yes, it was a TYCOON. BREAD FACTORY TYCOON.¬†It was new and exciting. Everyone loved it, except Zuka, who was a grumpy pants at the time. Anyways, he uncopylocked that and people took it. He had a new project up at that point, and it was FARM¬† TYCOON. And that made him truely rich. And he continued with places, such as Train Riders RPG 08, and Miner’s Heaven. Funnily, all of them are broken. Which I hate, because that forces us to all move forward, while some of us wanna hang back in the past, with stuff like Innsmouth RPG and uberubert’s stuff. He hasn’t been seen recently. We all blame SPORE. So, now Tycoons are over a year old, and people still love them. Well, you cant please everybody.


Note that this review started to be written before an update, and said update added the house, and walls. However, the house actually DEGRADES from the overall look, as it’s flooring is so ugly. Then, just look at the picture, as that’s mainly all to see. Honestly, I wanted to give the design a 3, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. I’m not YOU, I’m ME.¬† I’m unique.


And cashing in on the Tycoon boat is… MRNICNAC. Really, he just slapped some bricks together and called it a day. And yet, it got him popular? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? EH?


I think I’m gonna start taking the Herooftime101 path here. I’m gonna start reviewing GOOD games and GOOD games only. This place turned out to be an abomination, and noone should go there. But, I will still review popular games, just to tear them apart. Life is great, that way.

March 27, 2009

Black Paintball Mask!

Black Paintball Mask!

A flurry of releases¬†as¬†an avalanche of¬†new items were added to the ROBLOX Catalogue today.¬† What’s with the all the weather related words?¬† Anyways, ROBLOXians were treated to 5 new hats, 4 new faces, as well as a Mysterious Purple Box that will open to reveal a mysterious prize.

First came some brand-spanking new faces for…well for your faces.¬† For all you sneaky conniving players out there, ROBLOX released a Mischievous face for 200R$.¬† And for those ROBLOXians who are constantly worried, there is the Concerned¬†face, which you can buy for 250R$.¬† Are you a rich jerk?¬† Then the Meanie¬†face is perfect for you, at the rather pricey price of 5,000R$.¬† And last but not least is the Aghast face, for 300R$.

And now onto to those fashionable headwarmers!¬† Many of the players have expected two of the hats that were released today, but the other 3 hats came as a rather pleasant surprise to the public.¬† The first new hat released today was the Black Paintball Mask, the perfect hat for those who love to play Paintball on ROBLOX.¬† Its on sale for 45R$.¬† For all you players who are actually deer in hiding, there is the new Silverthorn Antlers, for the cheap price of 800R$, considering that they are made of silver.¬† Next came the Buxsplosion, which is a recolourization of the Tixsplosion, a hat given out during this year’s Christmas gift-giving event.¬† This hat was first given out to 10 lucky players who commented on Telamon‘s new ROBLOX advertisemsent video.¬† It is now onsale for 200R$.¬† Going along with the weekly release of player-made book hats, ROBLOX put another book onsale – the Muffin Cat: King of Muffins, made by 4muskateers.¬† This new book is on sale for 5R$.¬† Finally came the simple, yet effective Unicorn Horn!¬† A purple cone for 25R$, what more could anyone ask for?

On top of the new Faces and Hats, ROBLOX released the Mysterious Purple Box FOR THE TAKING!¬† This strange box is free for the taking, and is being given out to all players(who want to take it) as a way of sayng “thank you” for everyone’s help on the ROBLOX Test Server, and helping fix the major ROBLOX glitches before they go public.¬† This will most likely open up to reveal some wicked awesome new hat within the next couple days, so make sure you keep checking back.


The Brick Bulletin Store

For the Brick Bulletin, I have decided to add a little store, featuring clothing about the Brick Bulletin. But the store is looking a little empty right now. So what I need is for you to make some clothing items.

I want all types of clothing items – shirts, pants, anything that people can wear on ROBLOX. There are no real requirements, but I would like the words “The Brick Bulletin” to be on the clothing somewhere.

So please send me your clothing creations when you have made them, and if I think its good, then I will add it to my blog’s store. You will get all the profits from making the clothing.